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WebsiteSpeedUptimeCountryFlag FAST UP US RECOMMENDED FAST UP US RECOMMENDED FAST UP US RECOMMENDED 0.028 99%  US 0.074 98%  US 0.086 98%  US 0.088 98%  US 0.088 97%  US 0.118 100%  UK 0.142 100%  US 0.149 99%  UK 0.150 79%  UK 0.164 100%  US 0.173 98%  US 0.174 99%  US 0.175 99%  US 0.192 98%  US 0.210 100%  US 0.211 98%  US 0.212 100%  US 0.222 97%  US 0.233 73%  US 0.237 100%  US 0.237 100%  US 0.242 100%  UK 0.244 100%  USA 0.245 100%  US 0.248 99%  US 0.249 99%  US 0.249 99%  US 0.249 96%  US 0.249 99%  US 0.250 99%  US 0.250 99%  US 0.250 99%  US 0.251 96%  US 0.251 99%  US 0.252 99%  US 0.255 67%  US 0.269 100%  USA 0.275 100%  US 0.286 82%  US 0.293 94%  US 0.294 94%  US 0.294 94%  UK 0.296 93%  UK 0.296 94%  US 0.305 92%  US 0.321 100%  US 0.322 97%  US 0.337 100%  POL 0.355 46%  US 0.359 96%  US

So, what is a proxy server website? Proxy Servers do two things. First, they will allow you to access websites that you normally cannot because of workplace or government restrictions. Second, they will keep you and your computers IP address anonymous. Normally, your browsing activities can be traced back to the IP address assigned to your computer or router, but not when using a Proxy Server. Access and Privacy are your right!

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Proxy Submission Rules

proxy server list

You have to link back to Only proxy websites with non-intrusive ads will be added to the list after review (no popups, audio, or full page ads). We want our visitors to find quality proxy websites here and as a result, return regularly. This allows us to send lots of traffic to you!

How Does it Work?

The 50 fastest proxy servers are shown. We test all the proxy servers in the proxy server list every 10 minutes. If your proxy server is new or not very busy, it will likely appear on the list. Once your server starts to get busy, it will begin to drop down, then out of the proxy server list display until it is not busy anymore. This keeps the proxy server list well randomized and gives a good experience to our customers, and to you as well.

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Proxy Quality Guidelines

Proxland accepts only the best proxy servers for inclusion on our proxy server list. Any proxy owner is free to submit a proxy server for consideration. After we receive the submission, it is reviewed for quality and is generally added to the list very quickly. Our database contains the most accurate and up to date proxy server information anywhere. If you find a website that you feel doesn't meet the following guidelines, please click the x next to the proxy server and we will review it again for inclusion.

Advertising - Nearly all proxy servers have forms of advertising on them. In fact, those ads are what makes the proxy server possible to begin with. Proxy admins earn money this way. As long as the ads are simple and do not contain any popups, full screen ads, video, sound, or other unwelcome annoyances they are appropriate.

Deception - Is the website doing anything that would be considered deception? Are they using any redirects in an unusal way? Are they marked as https when they are not? Is the site even a proxy server any more?

Thank You! - Community assistance makes for a quality directory.